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The Most Wanted SS Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele Is Still Alive!


The C.I.A. Lied! Dr. Josef Mengele is Still Alive! The White Angel of Death. Seen here in November 2001 at a Brotherhood of Aryan Nations/KKK Bush Fundraiser in Hernando, Florida wearing his trademark Zodiac Killer hooded robe, large red anthrax sore & the wrist watch that Skorzeny gave him that was given to Skorzeny by Mussolini for rescuing him in 1943! Read all about it at


The Alleged Boston Bombing Was a False Flag Staged FEMA Mass Casualty Bomb Drill!

The “Alleged” Boston Marathon Bombing Was Just A Staged F.B.I. / FEMA Mass Casualty Bomb Drill Movie / Hoax. Just Like The Fake Sandy Hook & Aurora CO Staged Shootings.It Was Just a Fake Bomb Drill Movie to Help Obama Justify Martial Law, More “Illegal” TSA Checkpoints, More Security Cameras, Gun Confiscations & FEMA Concentration Camps. Read all bout it at http://www.thebushconnection.comImage

The C.I.A.’s Evil Nazi-Loving Co-Founder Frank Wisner is Still Alive!


Wisner Sr. was the C.I.A.’s chief propaganda minister in charge of Operation Paperclip which illegally brought Hitler’s entire Third Reich to America not just rocket scientists, along with Operation’s Mockingbird & Gladio to use the U.S. Media as propaganda disinformation spewing outlets for the U.S. Government’s agendas. Read all about it at

The US Dept. of Justice is Protecting The Real 2001 Anthrax Mailer Killer!

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SS Nazi War Criminal Terrorist Dr. Josef Mengele aka: C.I.A. Zodiac Killer Steven Rabel

The C.I.A.’s Zodiac Killer mailed the deadly anthrax in 2001. Ivins didn’t do it!┬áPresident Dictator George Bush ordered the attacks to sell radiation scanners to the public and to take freedoms away with the Gestapo Like Patriot Act!

Bush should be arrested for murder! Read all about it at